Behind the Mask

Behind the Mask allows readers to experience the unfiltered, horrific scenarios EMTs and Medics are facing while manning the frontlines during a pandemic. After being sent into the epicenter of the United States twice during this outbreak and working directly alongside FEMA, David shares stories not experienced by many. So follow along with this easy read as he takes you into his journey through the pandemic and shares the unimaginable struggles he and his fellow EMS personnel have been dealing with. A portion of every book sold will be donated to an EMS foundation in an effort to help provide much-needed support to First Responders facing these challenging times.

Brothers at War

Corrupt Nation

Imagine if all 50 states suddenly seceded from the Federal government to operate under their own State law. Governors become Presidents and state lines become country borders.

In the present world, we are paying witness to a government disparity full of falsehood and hatred. A political environment that has set the tone for public displays of dismay and anger, resulting in a nation’s divide. A divide so powerful that some believe the only solution is complete independence from the government that united us, in exchange to operate under their own state law.  Dive into the world that is Brothers at War, where secession is imminent, as a crooked and immoral federal government has pushed individual states to its breaking point. Set in the not so distant future of 2032, the natures of sanity will be tested as the country is set to face a revolution of mass proportions! Follow the Evans family as they navigate through the violence and adventure of a nation in transition. With consideration of the potential social, economic, and financial issues, Brothers at War: Corrupt Nation is the first of a series sure to be an exciting and eye-opening read!

Divided Nation


Broken Nation